Topcon Hiper 2.

The Topcon Hiper 2 is smaller, lighter and faster then its predecessor. The Topcon Hiper 2 is also versatile, it can be used for Static Observations, RTK Surveys or as a Network RTK Rover.

The Topcon Hiper 2 unit is a magnesium alloy and feels light yet sturdy. It should withstand the shock from a 2m pole drop. It is also rated at IP67 for dust and water, which would mean being able to temporarily submerge it in water to a depth of 1m.

Battery life is also good at a minimum of 7.5 hours (with Bluetooth connection on). The Hiper 2 unit weighs in at just 1.1kg. Data can be stored on the Hiper 2 unit by SD Cards, this allows long term static observations to be done.

A choice of Field Controllers for use with the Topcon Hiper 2. Depending on your requirements the three field controllers available ar the FC-25, the FC-250 or the FC-2500. All the field controllers run the TopSURV software.

The Topcon Hiper 2 is quoted on an individual basis to suit your requirements.


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