Survey Calculators.

We are currently updating these and hope to have them available again shortly.

Free to Download and Use.

We have a number of free useful items for you to download. All you have to do to access these is to login or register to proceed to the download area of this site.  The login form is just to the right of this page.

Below is a brief description of what is contained in the download area.

There are spreadsheets that have been written for site engineers to help them with the calculations they come across everyday on site. There is also a programme written for the casio calculator that will do the same functions as the two spreadsheets.


  1. The Inverse Calculator works out the Whole Circle Bearing and the Distance between two co-ordinated known points.
  2. The Traverse Calculator works out the co-ordinates (Eastings & Northings) from a known point along a Whole Circle bearing and Distance.
  3. Casio calculator programme that can do both of the above functions.
  4. The Right Angle Triangle Calculator allows you to quickly work out the angle and lengths of any side of the triangle. There are three sheets within the spreadsheet, one for working out the Hypotenuse, one for the Adjacent and one for the Opposite. Each sheet will return the angle in the format Deg:mm:ss
  5. Survey Level Book Spreadsheet. Works out reduced levels and collimations so reducing potential maths errors. Follow the standard booking rules and this spreadsheet will work out all the following reduced levels and collimations for you.
  6. The Survey Traverse Programme Spreadsheet. This spreadsheet will compute the co-ordinates and the closure errors of a closed survey traverse operation of up to eight control points.




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